Motorbike Detailing

Need a Professional Motorbike Cleaner in Lancashire to Bring the Shine Back to Your Motorbike?

If you own a motorbike that you’re proud of and you think is worth a professional detailing service, try Vantage Valeting next time you want a showroom fresh motorbike to flaunt.

I’m Simon McCormick, founder of Vantage Valeting. I’ve spent 20 years working with vehicles of all kinds, building up the knowledge and experience to provide people with the best vehicle detailing service they could possibly ask for.

I don’t shut up about motorbikes; I am obsessed! Above all else, my customers’ motorbikes are where my heart is. The past two decades have taught me a lot about the care and attention to detail that motorbikes require, which is why the staff here at Vantage Valeting are specifically chosen to carry out jobs that they are specifically trained for.

We promise to provide you with:

– Deluxe waxes, polishes and cleaning materials including Auto Glym Lifeshine, Supagard, Diamond Brite, Scotchgard and Silver Seal
– Accurate & thorough care
– A choice of when and where your motorbike is cleaned
– An insured service administered by a trained professional

We provide our motorbike detailing services to the following areas in the North West:

– Staffordshire
– Manchester
– Derbyshire
– Lancashire
– Cheshire (Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Knutsford, Bramhall and more)

In addition to the above areas, we implement a national & European motorbike detailing service for those who travel to motor shows and other promotional events.

Your satisfaction drives us forward!

Receive a motorbike detailing service quote now by filling in our quick form or call us on the number above.
Yours sincerely

Simon McCormick


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